Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Importance of Soccer Pre Game Warm Up

Soccer warm up exercises are the most frequent in pre match situations and training. there's no other type of exercise that a soccer player will spend more time with then with warm up. Professional teams usually spend around 30 minutes of their training sessions on a quality warm up, because this has three major effects on players, effects that we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

-Soccer Pre game Warm up - Avoiding Injuries

Our muscles and tendons can easily cause problems if they are used at their fullest without a proper series of soccer warm up drills. The muscles work on the same principle as an elastic string would. Pull it slowly and the elastic will be able to stretch without problems, but if you pull it in one quick motion, there's a risk it might snap. Ok, your muscles won't just "snap" if you use them intensely without the proper warm up, but there's a good chance you might strain them or develop other injuries.

That's why a good part of soccer warm up drills includes stretching exercises, which slowly get your muscles used to the effort.

-The Importance of Soccer Pre game Warm up - Higher Performance

It's not called warming up for nothing: when performing these exercises, you actually warm your muscles and entire body, allowing it to be ready for effort. By performing soccer pre game warm up exercises, you set your muscles, heart rate and breathing to the same levels you will be using in the match, so you can easily accommodate to the variables that the match brings.

Try this very simple exercise to test this theory: warm up for 30 minutes thoroughly, using a wide range of soccer warm up drills that work with your entire body, not just your legs. After you're done, do 5-10 sprints on the width of the soccer pitch and measure your heart rate and the general difficulty of each sprint.

Now, come back in another day, do a couple of stretching exercises so you don't develop any injuries and simply start sprinting (the same number of sprints as the day before), without getting a proper warm up beforehand. You will notice that you will have harder time breathing throughout and between the sprints, they will be harder to perform and at the end, your heart rate will be much higher than yesterday, meaning that your body had a harder time adjusting to the high level of effort.

-The Importance of Soccer Pre game Warm up - Concentration

This is strictly related to the other two benefits of a quality warm up. Knowing that you're fully prepared for the match/training session and that there's no risk of injury, you will be a lot more focused on the game and on doing your job right. Soccer warm up exercises will also get your body ready for the effort as I explained above and this has a positive effect on concentration. When you're not focusing on having to breathe right or stopping to catch your breath, you can, again, concentrate on your job.

These should be enough reasons to convince you of the importance of soccer warm up exercises. If you're a player that wants to give his or her best on the soccer pitch, your first concern will be giving your best in the soccer pre game warm up drills.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What You Need To Know To Effectively Coach Soccer

Before a person decides that he will become a soccer coach he should have a full understanding of what the game entails and the importance of the game. What was once just an all American sport has diversified into one of the most popular game on a global level. There are not many countries that have not embraced a soccer team and are enjoying the sport. There is a very interesting history surrounding soccer for it has been around since the Chinese and Japanese dynasties introduced it in the 1500's. Rome also has something very similar to soccer but it does not go by that name. However there have since been many sports that are similar to soccer and require a ball to be kicked across a field to score a goal.

In 1863 the rules that are followed still today on an international basis were revised. These rules and regulations that were set forth are what have made the sport grow in such popularity. As a matter of fact, the sport of soccer has become an international event where the greatest achievement is to win the World Cup. The basics of soccer are to begin with two teams that each have eleven players. The playing area is a rectangular piece of grass and the players will use a soccer ball while using only their feet and objectively move the ball across the field in an attempt to score a goal. At each end of the field there are goal markers which are guarded by goalies whose main job is to guard the net so no balls can enter. The ball is in constant motion at all times. Soccer comes with what is referred to as the "Laws of the game." These consist of seventeen major rules that must be abided by in an official soccer game. Although some referees may be a bit more flexible than others, the concept and integrity of the game must always be followed. These rules are designed to keep the game fair. Soccer is a game that has evolved through out history and throughout people has flocked to watch the game. The game of soccer is as strong now as it was centuries ago.

The basic equipment that is worn during a game of soccer is a jersey, a pair of shorts, shin guards, stockings, and adequate footwear. Goalkeepers wear colors that differentiate them from the other players. In order for a goal to be scored the ball must pass over the goal line, between the goalposts, and under the crossbar.

Free kicks are awarded at the discretion of the referees. These would be equivalent to a penalty shot in another sport such as hockey or basketball. These are usually granted when there is inappropriate action from someone on the other team such as kicking or an attempt to kick an opponent, trips, jumping, charges, strikes, or pushes from an opponent. Another reason that a referee may offer a free kick would be if an opponent tackles to gain the ball, holds or spits at an opponent, or if they were to handle the ball on purpose.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking Part of the High School Soccer Standings

Aspiring high school football fans from all walks of life want to play for their campus team and see themselves at the high school soccer standings. But making such a goal possible requires a series of crucial processes. It is a better thing if the aspiring soccer enthusiast already has a rich background of the game. However if the young player has just started learning the sport, then it's another story.

A young athlete who wishes to become a player for a competitive soccer team has to have the support of his or her parents. This is an important factor in the sense that motivation should come from the home. Simple words of encouragement from both parents are a great help and can energize the aspiring young player to learn more and stick to the game for the better. The parents are usually the ones that the young people look up to so that without their motivation and support the young ones will really have difficulty in putting a direction in their lives.

Soccer is a game that requires regular schedules. For this reason, the young people especially high school students should learn to manage and balance their time. Being a part of the top team in the high school soccer standings may be a priority for aspiring young football players but they must also think about their academic performance. This should not mean however that the student will have to abandon one for the other. The important thing here is to impose in oneself the responsibility to do well at two or more priorities at the same time.